All attendees are responsible for completing evaluations for each of the presentations to be able to provide feedback to our resident presenters.  This year there will NOT be assigned evaluators.


The Moderator has a number of functions during the presentation. Try to relax them and orient them to the room, computer, and podium. It is very important for the Moderator to keep the sessions on time, both beginning and ending.


  1. Assist with the loading of the presentation and make sure it is functioning properly.

  2. Announce the attendance session code for ACPE CPE.  Remind attendees to make note of the code to claim CPE online.

  3. Introduce the resident to the audience at the beginning of the presentation. Include their name and hospital but NOT the title of the presentation.

  4. Time the presentation ensuring that the presentation and questions/answers does not go over 25 minutes.

  5. Please remind attendees to complete the evaluations on the GLPRC app to provide residents feedback.

  6. Please remind attendees that they will have until May 10 to complete the program evaluation on to receive CPE credit, so they should not delay.