Evaluators should arrive in the assigned rooms early and check in with the Moderator, who will be distributing and collecting the evaluation forms. The Moderator will be a preceptor from the presenter's institution. Please be sure to complete the entire evaluation form by putting a check mark into each section.

Evaluation forms will be carbonless copies so each attendee may turn in one copy and keep one copy for reference when completing the online ACPE CPE evaluations to receive statements of credit.

Evaluators will be responsible for trading sessions if a conflict occurs. Official Evaluators should not evaluate their own programs. It is not fair to the residents to not show up at your assigned sessions.


The Moderator has a number of functions during the presentation. Try to relax them and orient them to the room, computer, and podium. It is very important for the Moderator to keep the sessions on time, both beginning and ending.


  1. Assist with the loading of the presentation and make sure it is functioning properly.
  2. Announce the attendance session code for ACPE CPE.  Remind attendees to write the code on the carbonless evaluation form as they will be handing in the top copy and keeping the bottom for reference later, when accessing the statements of credit system.
  3. Introduce the resident to the audience at the beginning of the presentation. Include their name and hospital but NOT the title of the presentation.
  4. Time the presentation ensuring that the presentation and questions/answers does not go over 25 minutes.
  5. Official colored evaluation forms for each presentation will be provided for you at the beginning of the session block. The evaluation forms should be passed out to each evaluator before the presentation begins. A carbonless evaluation form will be distributed to the remainder of the audience for their evaluation of the presentation. Moderators will collect the top / white copy at the end of the presentation and place them in the session envelope. One of the program staff will come by and pick them up at the end of the session block.
  6. Please remind attendees that they must keep the yellow / bottom copy for their own records and for reference in obtaining statement of credit online.
  7. Please remind attendees that they will have only 45 days after the conference in which to complete the program evaluation on to receive CPE credit, so they should not delay.